Annual conference witness 2010

MIND introduced four resolutions at the 2010 annual conference session that sought to strengthen NYAC’s commitment to inclusive ministry, three of which were passed by the body and one of which was ruled out of order by the bishop. We also supported four other resolutions that concerned LGBT issues, all of which passed. Mark Miller was our guest speaker at the annual lunch, and he delivered an inspiring message to a standing room-only audience. Dozens of MIND volunteers kept the MIND table staffed at all times, and there was a constant flow of traffic at the table. For the sixth year, we also distributed armbands at the ordination service to protest the exclusion of LGBT people from that service; and we once again made the Friday of annual conference our “t-shirt day.”

The resolution that Bishop Park ruled out of order, “Ministry to the Marginalized: welcoming LGBT people into NYAC,” had been passed by the legislative section that day before with an 85% margin. Park offered no explanation for his ruling, which was challenged on the conference floor by MIND with an official request for a ruling of law. That meant that the bishop had to offer a written explanation for the substantive grounds for his ruling within 30 days, which he did, and that his ruling will automatically be reviewed by the Judicial Council, the UMC’s highest judicial body. For more on the resolution, the bishop’s ruling and the pending Judicial Council case, go here.

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PDF brochure of all four MIND resolutions as introduced (not including amendments), with organizational sponsors and individual endorsers

Ministry to the Marginalized, bishop’s ruling and pending Judicial Council case

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