What’s your next step?

If there is some support for inclusive ministry in your church but it’s not a reconciling congregation and there’s no official welcoming policy or position:

  • Plan a Gay Pride or reconciling service.
  • Get your pastor to preach a reconciling sermon.
  • Have MIND supporters wear the MIND t-shirt on a designated Sunday.

If your church’s position is officially welcoming or reconciling but there is no active reconciling presence week to week:

  • Get your church to adopt a welcoming statement that includes LGBT people.
  • Get your church to include an explicit welcome to LGBT people in the Sunday bulletin.
  • Get your church to fly the rainbow flag outside.

If your church has a visible reconciling presence already:

  • Reach out to local LG BT communities and invite them to worship with you.
  • Reach out to local LGBT communities and participate in their projects, support their work.

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