Documenting NYAC’s reconciling history

In 2008, MIND undertook a project to research and document NYAC’s reconciling history. The results are compiled in a pamphlet called “A 30-Year Witness: NYAC’s Stand for God’s LGBT Children.”  Across the board – on the issues of ordination, marriage, membership, civil rights, underlying doctrine and theology – literally dozens of NYAC resolutions at annual conference and petitions to General Conference have affirmed over and over the conference’s stance that the church should be open to LGBT people in all ways. NYAC has stood in firm, explicit and consistent opposition to the United Methodist Book of Discipline’s exclusionary doctrine and policies for three decades.

And yet, the promise of full participation for LGBT people in NYAC remains unfulfilled: passing resolutions is not enough.

“A 30-Year Witness” is updated annually to incorporate new resolutions that are passed. As we inch closer to 40 years of witness, we’ve dropped the “30-year” description.

Click here for the PDF brochure version, appropriate for hard copy distribution.

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