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MIND works with local congregations to help them develop and strengthen LGBT-welcoming ministries. We believe that real transformation in the church will—must—come from the bottom up. The only way to erase homophobia in the church is pew by pew and pulpit by pulpit. All of MIND’s initiatives depend on MIND members and supporters making them real on the ground, in their own congregations.

MIND is a resource for you and your church. Whether you would like someone from MIND to speak at your church, you are wondering about resources to use in an adult education class or how to talk about the Bible, you are interested in becoming a Reconciling congregation or you are not sure what your next steps in a welcoming journey are—MIND is here to help.

Congregational development workshops

In 2013 MIND is offering a two-day workshop for people interested in making their congregations explicitly welcoming of LGBT people.

10 Things You Can Do

Here’s a list of possible ideas to start from.

What’s your next step?

Some suggestions based on where your congregation is in its welcoming journey.

Becoming a reconciling congregation

The Reconciling Ministries Network (RMN) has a formal process through which congregations can affirm their inclusive ministry and welcome of LGBT people and align themselves publicly with the reconciling movement. In NYAC, MIND is there to help churches design and move through their own individual processes.

What about the Bible?

Too many of us have heard too often that the Bible condemns homosexuality. We know that it doesn’t but we may not know how to talk about the verses that others believe prove that it does. Visit our Resources section for articles and books that talk about how to read and understand Scripture, its historical context and what guidance it gives us today about how to treat LGBT people.

Join MIND!

MIND is a membership organization. Becoming a MIND member is one way that every one of us can witness to God’s Welcome, a way we let people know—our bishop, our conference leadership, other churches and most of all LGBT people who are wondering whether they can find a church home through our doors—that God welcomes everyone and so should we.

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