Spring workshop dates set

Register today for March 16 and 17 workshops

MIND will hold a two-part workshop Saturday, March 16 (1 to 5pm) and Sunday, March 17 (3 to 6pm) at Asbury Crestwood UMC in Tuckahoe, NY for people interested in moving their congregations to become Reconciling congregations (that is, formally and explicitly welcoming of LGBT people and affiliated with the national Reconciling Ministries Network, of which MIND is the conference-level affiliate) and congregational signers of the Covenant of Conscience. The Saturday session will train people in the use of circle process in congregational discernment, including guidance on how to handle conflict. The Sunday session will focus on developing a specific process for a congregation on the path to becoming a Reconciling/covenant congregation.

The same workshop series was offered in January,when six congregations participated; and the Sunday session was also offered once last July. The two train sessions may be taken in any order. If you came to only one session earlier, we hope you can come for the other in March. Space is limited, please register in advance.  To register, please send us an email and include your name and phone number and the name of your congregation.

If you’re wondering if your church needs these workshops, consider this: Why would any gay person walk into your church considering that it is part of a denomination that officially condemns them? Unless your dissent from the UMC’s prejudice and discrimination is explicit and immediately visible, LGBT people will simply not feel welcome. This is what becoming a Reconciling congregation is all about. What about those gay folk that may already be part of your church? Perhaps you think they know they are accepted. But what happens if they want to get married? How will they feel when they heterosexual couple in the next pew can get married in your church but they cannot? This is what becoming a congregational signer of the Covenant of Conscience is all about. It is not enough for us to deplore our denomination’s homophobia; we must build welcoming churches. These workshops will give you the tools to do that. Register today.