Now is the time

Statement by Rev. Gregory Dell in support of the MIND marriage initiative

November 23, 2011

“Sisters and brothers, there is no moment like the current occasion for us to reclaim the radical good news of the Gospel and of our faith tradition.  Both of those sources at their best call us to the joy and challenge of an inclusive church.  Taking our stance now by signing onto the Covenant of Conscience reclaims the vision and vitality of a faith that refuses bigotry, “separate but equal” standards, and systemic violence and exclusion.  Refusing to embrace and celebrate the miracle of covenantal love between two persons – regardless of their identity – is nothing less than heresy. God gives us the celebration of the gift of love as a privilege.  The church, including you and me, is called to challenge the heresy and offer in its place a celebration of God’s abundant love wherever it is found.  Let us respond to the call.”

Read the Covenant of Conscience

More about the MIND marriage initiative, including how to add your name to the covenant

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