Every third Thursday of the month at 7:30pm 
Memorial UMC, 250 Bryant Ave. in White Plains

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As members and supporters of the GLBTQ community, we have been forced to ask deep questions of ourselves. Struggling to come to terms with our identity in a less than supportive society has exposed our greatest strengths and weaknesses, as individuals and as a community.

At Sanctuary, we understand this and continue to encourage one another to keep asking those deep questions about who and why we are. In a contemplative atmosphere that draws on the wisdom of many spiritual traditions, we learn to trust what we believe and give our innermost thoughts and feelings an opportunity to rise up within us.

We are not a church, but rather, a spiritual gathering devoted to and expressly for the GLBTQ community and supporters. In a spirit of inclusion, we join together with the understanding that all persons are sacred. Our gatherings are facilitated by Rev. Sara Thompson Tweedy and music is provided by Rev. Eric Jennings. We sing, we reflect, we share, we hope, and most of all we ask for understanding from the truth which lies deep within us.

We don’t promise that you will walk away with the answers to life’s deepest questions, but we do promise that you will be more enriched for having asked.

Sanctuary is a collaborative effort of Memorial UMC  and MIND.

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