“Believe Out Loud” gatherings and witness

MIND  teamed up with the national Reconciling Ministries Network (RMN) to provide in-depth organizing training to congregations working to live more fully into God’s radical Welcome. The program, part of RMN’s Believe Out Loud campaign, was tailored to support and strengthen the work MIND is doing and, most importantly, to give MIND members and supporters the tools they need to take their local reconciling work to the next level.

On February 20, 2010, some 40 people representing 12 congregations gathered for an all-day training to kick off the program. They learned public narrative skills along with organizing tips and techniques and spent a portion of the afternoon strategizing and planning for their congregations. Out of that came commitments for 14 local gatherings, which bcame launching points for local reconciling activism as well as a combined RMN-MIND membership and pledge drive.

Believe Out Loud was part of a five-year national RMN campaign, Called to Witness; trainings were organized in 50 annual conferences. MIND also participated in the previous year’s Called to Witness campaign, called All Means All.

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