Introducing We Did: Stories of United Methodists Living Marriage Equality

MIND is excited to announce a new initiative that launches today. We Did will publish the story of a same-sex wedding performed by a United Methodist clergy person every week as an ongoing witness.

We Did is the next step in the ministry that we started two years ago with the launch of  We do! Methodists Living Marriage Equality. Most of the stories will be written by the clergy who performed the wedding; some will be written by the couple. Most will come from our own conference, with occasional “guest” voices from other conferences. The stories will be published Monday mornings in MIND’s weekly newsletter Do you MIND?? and here on the MIND website; they will also run on the RMN blog.

The goal of We Did is to make visible the ministry we are already doing; to let others who are doing it know they are not alone and encourage them to speak out as well; and to encourage all United Methodists to transcend the spiritual crisis the UMC has caused by its requirement to discriminate. We will no longer be bound by unjust laws – hallelujah!

Read today’s We Did story here >>